General Business Conditions


International Centre for Spiritual Rehabilitation
Hejnice Monastery: Educational, Conference and Pilgrim House
CZ 463 62,  Hejnice 1
Vat number: 73635057


The International Centre of Spiritual Rehabilitation (“Hejnice Monastery“) is a non-state, non-profit organization, established according to Act No. 3/2002 Coll. of the Czech Republic, about the freedom of faith and the status of the churches and spiritual societies, as amended, with a seat in a protected monument building of a former Franciscan monastery. We are a private legal ecclesiastic entity. Hejnice Monastery is not to be considered as a hotel, pension, nor a hostel. We represent an educational, conference and pilgrim house that offers services and accommodation capacity in accordance with the purpose for which it has been established. In order to fulfil this purpose, we cooperate with state, educational, social, ecclesiastic institutions, non-state, non-profit organizations, business entities, as well as individuals.

These General Business Conditions, Cancellation Policy and Accommodation Rules (“Conditions”) modify the contractual relationship between the International Centre of Spiritual Rehabilitation (“Hejnice Monastery”), with a seat in Hejnice 1, 463 62, Czech Republic (“Provider”) and an individual client or a legal entity (“Customer”).



1.       Making a reservation

1.1. An order of accommodation may be made in writing (e-mail, post), by telephone, or through an on-line reservation.

1.2. An order of accommodation is accepted through a written confirmation by an authorized person from the Provider, thus becoming a binding reservation.

1.3. A binding reservation stands for a commitment of the Provider to reserve for the Customer the agreed amount of accommodation and conference capacity for the dates agreed, and, at the same time, a commitment of the Customer to use the reserved capacity during the dates agreed; eventually to pay the Provider a cancellation fee in case the Customer fully cancels the binding reservation or uses only a part of it.

1.4. The Customer (guest) takes an unreserved note of the fact, that the reservations made via external providers (,, etc.) may also be bound by the business conditions of these providers.


2.       Arrival of the guest

2.1. Upon the arrival at the Reception Desk, the Customer (guest) presents himself / herself with an ID card (personal ID card, travel passport, residence permit, or other form of identification document) according to which he / she shall be entered in the guestbook and accommodated.

2.2. The Customer (guest) receives the keys from the room and further information about his / her stay. The Customer is obliged to avoid loss, destruction or damage of the keys, as well as not to hand them to third parties.

2.3. Unless otherwise agreed, accommodation of guests is possible daily from 14:00 to 20:00 o’clock.


3.       Rights and obligations of the Customer

3.1. The Customer has the following general rights:

3.1.1.        Right to receive confirmed services in a proper way.

3.1.2.        Right to be acquainted with the current pricelist for the services provided.

3.1.3.        Right to be acquainted with incidental changes of price or services.

3.1.4.        Right to cancel or change the reservation, while respecting the valid cancellation conditions.

3.1.5.        Right to make complaint for the accommodation and services provided.

3.1.6.        Right to protection of personal data provided to the Provider in the order.


3.2. The Customer is obliged to the following:

3.2.1.        Without undue delay, to inform the Provider in writing or by phone all the changes relevant to the valid reservation and ordered services.

3.2.2.        To observe the accommodation rules.

3.2.3.        To use the accommodation space properly and thoughtfully, to maintain order and cleanliness in all the premises of Hejnice Monastery.

3.2.4.        To pay compensation for the damage caused by the Customer, for pollution, damage or destruction of the room or its equipment.

3.2.5.        To pay compensation for the damage caused by the Customer, for pollution, damage or destruction of the equipment in other premises of Hejnice Monastery.

3.2.6.        During the night time between 22:00 and 7:00 in particular, but even in other parts of day, to behave so as not to disturb other guests by excessive noise.

3.2.7.        To pay the amount for services provided.


4.       Rights and obligations of the Provider

4.1.The Provider reserves the following rights:

4.1.1.        Right not to accept a reservation that is inconsistent with the code of rules of Hejnice Monastery or with the teaching and ethical codex of the Catholic Church.

4.1.2.        Right to cancel a reservation if new facts come to light that are inconsistent with the code of rules of Hejnice Monastery or with the teaching and ethical codex of the Catholic Church.

4.1.3.        Right to unilaterally withdraw from the contract that is already being fulfilled should there be a gross violation of the code of rules of Hejnice Monastery by the Customer or a gross violation of the ethical codex of the Catholic Church.

4.1.4.        Right to change or cancel an already accepted reservation or a reservation that is already being fulfilled in case of technical problems and other unpredictable incidents.


4.2. The Provider is obliged to do the following:

4.2.1.        To carry out and fulfil the valid reservation of the Customer.

4.2.2.        To respect the requirements of the Customer (guest) if these are not in conflict with the rights reserved by the Provider above.

4.2.3.        To issue a valid accounting tax document for the services provided to the Customer, containing all mandatory particulars.


5.       Payment conditions

5.1. The payment of the amount for reserved accommodation and services shall be made in accordance with the written order as follows:

5.1.1.        In case of a group reservation counting 10 persons and more, an irreversible proforma invoice shall be issued in the amount of 50% of the total sum for the reserved accommodation and other services, with a 10-day due date. The final bill shall be issued and handed over to the Customer on the last day of their accommodation at the earliest.

5.1.2.        By bank transfer of the sum for the reserved accommodation and other services to the bank account of the Provider.

5.1.3.        In cash or by credit card at the reception desk of Hejnice Monastery upon the arrival or during the stay of the guest. (Further information about the forms of payment is available at the reception desk.)

5.1.4.        The Town of Hejnice issues generally binding decrees about local accommodation fees and fees for a holiday / spa stay. Those Customers who meet the conditions of these decrees will be charged the relevant fees accordingly.


6.       Cancellation of a reservation

6.1. Cancellation of a reservation stands for annulling the reservation.

6.2. The Customer is obliged without delay to inform the Provider about cancelling their reservation either by phone and in writing or electronically by e-mail.

6.3. In case of a group counting 10 persons and more, should there be a cancellation of the reservation after the date of the issue and delivery of the proforma invoice, the deposit payment remains due and irreversible.

6.4. In other cases of a reservation cancellation or change, Hejnice Monastery refrains from any cancellation fees.

6.5. The Customer (guest) has the right, according to their own discretion, to compensate Hejnice Monastery for the loss caused by the reservation cancellation.

6.6. Such a compensation shall be received by Hejnice Monastery, a non-state, non-profit organization, on the basis of a gift agreement, which serves as a gist in order to issue an acknowledgement of receipt of the gift. 


7.       Processing and protection of personal data

7.1. Protection of privacy and personal data of the Customer is of utmost importance and it is regarded as the prior obligation. The processing of personal data strictly follows the valid legislation (Act No. 101/2000 Coll. O the Czech Republic, about protection of personal data, and by Regulation (EU) No. 2016/679 – GDPR).

7.2. Which kind of personal data is collected?

7.2.1.        Personal data which are solely used for a unique and unmistakable identification of a guest (identification data) and personal data enabling us to contact the guest (contact information). With respect to the contractual character of the relationship with the guests, the provision of personal data is entirely voluntary, yet it is a condition for the conclusion of a service contract.   Identification data include: first name, surname, title, date of birth, permanent address, number of the identity card (ID card, passport).  Contact information means the contact address provided by the Customer, phone number, e-mail address etc.

7.3. What are personal data used for?

7.3.1.        In accordance with law No. 326/1999 of the Code of Law of the Czech Republic, about the stay of foreign citizens in the Czech Republic, as amended, the personal data are submitted to the Foreign Police for review.

7.3.2.        Furthermore, the personal data are submitted for review related to the obligatory payment of fees to the Town of Hejnice, in accordance with the generally binding decrees of the Town of Hejnice about local accommodation fees and fees for a holiday / spa stay.

7.3.3.        The personal data are also used in order to create obligatory statistical reports for the Czech Statistical Office.

7.3.4.        The personal data are also used for the internal needs of Hejnice Monastery, namely in order to produce statistics and analyses, as well as to trace the quality of the services and satisfaction of guests.

7.4. Rights of the Customer are as follows:

7.4.1.        Right to make corrections of the personal data.

7.4.2.        Right of erasure (right to be forgotten).

7.4.3.        Right to restrict the processing of the data.

7.4.4.        Right to limit the portability of the data.

7.4.5.        Right to raise objections.

7.4.6.        Right not to become a subject of an automated decision.

7.4.7.        Right to access own personal data (right to receive a confirmation about the data processing from the personal data administrator; right to obtain a copy of the data processed).

7.4.8.        All personal data of the Customer are conscientiously protected. Those employees of Hejnice Monastery who come in touch with the personal data of a Customer within the fulfilment of their working duties are bound by legal and contractual secrecy.

7.4.9.        In case the Customer (guest) reveals or has a reasonable suspicion of violation of their rights during the processing of their personal data, they may seek redress using all means provided by the applicable law (see paragraph 21 of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on the protection of personal data and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 – GDPR).

7.5. Through using the reservation system, making an order, and use of accommodation and services, the Customer gives a consent with collection and use of the personal data in the extent given, and agrees with the conditions stated above.


II.                  ACCOMODATION RULES

1.       Accommodated guests may receive visits in the premises reserved for that purpose: the refectory of Hejnice Monastery or other meeting facilities.  Visits directly to the guest room are only possible with the consent of a responsible person at the reception desk or the management of Hejnice Monastery from 8:00 to 20:00 hours. None of the employees of Hejnice Monastery is authorised to provide any information about the accommodated clients to third parties (with the exception of the Police after their proper legitimisation and proof of justification to seek such information). None of the employees is authorised to allow a visit of a third person without the consent of the client.

2.       The client is not allowed, without a previous consent of a responsible employee or of the management of the house, to move the interior equipment, to make any changes or adjustments of the facilities of Hejnice Monastery, either in the room or in other premises. Similarly, the client is not allowed to make interventions into the electrical network or other installation.

3.       In the house, and in the rooms especially, the guests are not allowed to use their own electric devices. This regulation does not include use of electric appliances for personal hygiene (shaving machine, hairdryer etc.) and home electronics (notebook, mobile phone etc.)

4.       As for the storage of larger items or things (like sports equipment, baby-carriages, bicycles, wheelchairs etc.), there is particular space reserved for this purpose. The guests are not allowed to store these items in the rooms. All information is available at the reception desk. In case of any damage related to the violation of this rule, the guest is regarded fully responsible and shall be charged full compensation for the damage caused.

5.       The check-out time from the room is 10:00 hours. Late check-out is possible only with knowledge and agreement of the reception desk of Hejnice Monastery.

6.       The check-in time is from 14:00 hours on. Early check-in is possible only with knowledge and agreement of the reception desk of Hejnice Monastery. Unless otherwise agreed, the guest is expected to check in by 20:00 hours on the day of arrival.

7.       Hejnice Monastery belongs to the cultural heritage of the Czech Republic. Smoking is not allowed in the building. In case of smoking in the guest room (including e-cigarettes), the guest may be charged a fee of 2.500 CZK to reimburse the necessary cleaning of the room. Smoking is only allowed in the reserved space.

8.        It is strictly prohibited to use any kind of narcotics or psychotropic substances in the premises of Hejnice Monastery. The employees of Hejnice Monastery are authorized to inform the Police of the Czech Republic and immediately cancel accommodation of the guest concerned, without compensation.

9.       In case of pollution of the guest room exceeding the common use of the room, Hejnice Monastery is authorized to charge a fee 2.500 CZK in order to arrange the cleaning.

10.   Dogs and domestic cats may stay in the premises of Hejnice Monastery only with a previous consent of the management or after an agreement with the reception desk. The owner must prove medical fitness of the animal concerned. The price of accommodation of animals is charged according to the relevant pricelist. Accommodation of dogs and domestic cats is subject to the following rules:

a.       Dogs and domestic cats are forbidden to enter places where food and beverages are stored or handled.

b.      In all public premises of Hejnice Monastery, dogs and cats cannot move freely; dogs on a leash and cats in a transportation box only.

c.       For feeding dogs and domestic cats, please use feeding bowls appointed for this purpose only. Please, do not use dishes appointed to be used for preparation or serving food for the guests.

d.      In case of damage of the equipment caused by an animal, the guest is obliged to reimburse the damages in full.

e.      Responsibility for the animal lies with the owner, and with the guest concerned.

f.        Should the provisions mentioned above be breached, the guest will be charged a fee 2.500 CZK for any additional clean-up of the room or other premises polluted by the animal concerned. This provision does not apply in case of a direct damage of the property of the house. In such a case, the reimbursement is charged to the guest in full.

g.       Hejnice Monastery reserves the right to charge in full the additional direct cleaning costs that would exceed the amount 2.500 CZK mentioned above. Hejnice Monastery also reserves the right to charge the expenditure on the purchase of new bedding, should the existing bedding be used for resting of the animal concerned. The bedding shall be charged to the guest in full.

h.      The guest with an animal in the room must enable the facility staff to clean the room on a daily basis, without threatening the staff or other guests. The staff must be allowed to check the room at least once a day in order to detect possible damage or excessive pollution.

11.   The guests are responsible for all damage caused in the room during their stay and agree to reimburse any possible repair, replacement or special cleaning costs. In case the guests detect any damage existing in the room upon their arrival, they are obliged to report this fact at the reception desk without delay. Later reports will not be considered.

12.   Before leaving the room, the guests are obliged to close the faucets, turn off the lights, close the windows, and lock the door. For the loss of the key, Hejnice Monastery charge 500 CZK per piece.

13.   The guests are obliged to dispose of the waste exclusively in dedicated containers in appointed locations.

14.   In the entire area of the monastery, it is forbidden to wear a weapon or ammunition, or to store them in a condition allowing their immediate use.

15.   All complaints of the guests and possible suggestions for improvement of the services of Hejnice Monastery shall be accepted and reviewed by the management of the facility through the reception desk.  

16.   Hejnice Monastery provides the guests with temporary accommodation or with rental of other facilities. The total costs and terms of the rental and accommodation have been agreed upon in the written documentation of the reservation.

17.   The time of night rest and silence is set from 22:00 to 7:00. We kindly ask all the guest to respect it. Behaviour that leads to interference with other guests at night-time is strictly forbidden. This includes loud listening to television or music, extremely loud speaking or screaming in rooms or corridors and other distracting behaviour. In case of a serious violation of this rule, Hejnice Monastery may penalize a guest up to CZK 5.000, unilaterally withdraw from the contract and terminate accommodation at the pilgrimage house and, if necessary, call the Police.


In Hejnice, 12th July 2018



These General Business Conditions, Cancellation Policy and Accommodation Rules become effective and effective on July 15, 2018. Their acceptance is part of the legal relationship between the Customer (guest) and the Provider (International Centre for Spiritual Rehabilitation).